Founder's Story

No matter what I’ve been through, I’ve always tried my best to remain optimistic. I created Good Gangsta with that in mind— to be positive, to remain positive, and to do the right thing.

I have experienced first hand what it means to have everything and then lose it all.  I went from a six figure income to being jobless and homeless, sleeping on sofas while my kids slept on air mattresses beside me. Because so much of our identity comes from our jobs and what we own, I struggled with severe depression and a lack of self-worth after my dismantling.  With the help of family, good friends, and several life coaches and therapists, I managed to move forward with my life with a new sense of purpose. And I bounced back stronger than ever.

That is why the homelessness epidemic is so important to me. Everyone deserves to have a place to put their head.  Everyone deserves to be treated kindly and with love, no matter who they are or where they come from. We are all 100% human.

Our first initiative is to be a part of the homeless conversation. Good Gangsta is committed to contributing a percentage of our profits to organizations that focus on ending homelessness.

Much Love,
Lisa Courtney